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So Much Chocolate ~

Seriously, I just had this freaking huge brownie that almost killed me -- it took like half an hour to eat, not even kidding.

Then I go to check my email and I had a fuckload of confusing updates (cause I don't even read SPN cause I'm a lazy bum who still hasn't seen season six much less the new season seven except for the one episode with Cordelia and Spike which I am now in love with) and then it turned out to be Lexie who had changed her username and there was an amazing Sherlock fic over which I spewed my thoughts. I was all "RAWR train of thought derailing here relevance minimal" for like, 200 words and I think I might have promised her baked goods.


Then I discovered I had two new followers on twitter and was all "YAY!!!" except one was a computer app and I was all "Awww" but the other looked human so I was all "YAY!!!" again except it turned out to be this:

And then I was all "DAYUMN".

I have never felt more like a stereotype for my age group than in this instance. I blame the chocolate. I mean seriously -- look at my language! My coherence! My fragments! WITH FREAKING RUN-ONS. And of course, my train of thought is derailing again.

I should be writing right now. Srsly, I have 2588 words and it's day freaking FIVE. I wanted to hit 8000 by the end of today, but apparently it is not to be :'(

Ahem. So, back to the lesbians on dragons I go. And the Firefly fic which I shouldn't be working on and I should really close that tab open on the Sherlock kinkmeme and then I should get some work on my Narnia Big Bang cause Daleks don't just write themselves into Narnia. Fare thee well, sweet Sensibility! I shall miss you with every passing sentence and glorified fragment!