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This is amazing. Go watch it and weep. I have to play it for the ninety bazillionth time now. *shoos*

Ron/Hermione - oh how I love thee!

One of the biggest shipping debates in my lamentable yet ever-loved fandom is the Ron/Hermione romantic pairing. Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows caused explosions of outrage, glee and heated debate all over the fandom. Three years later, it shows no signs of slowing down. A radical subset of the Harry/Hermione romantic shippers have formed their own group – the Harmonians, of the ship ‘Harmony’. Other ships include ‘Dramione’, ‘Drarry’ and other pairings such as Ron/Luna and likewise. This piece concerns a canon ship that has taken a lot of crap from these shippers – the Ron/Hermione pairing.

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Harmony, Please Just STFU

Ok. I was lurking over on the HMS STFU when I found a link to an article quite loudly broadcasting why H/Hr is the BEST SHIP EVA!!11 and the article itself, along with most of the comments, made me want to abandon my fandom. Seriously, I love it so much, but this is kinda ridiculous. All of the canon shippers were getting lambasted in the comments, and seemingly none of the Harmonians have even read the books. So I am going to refute each point in the article as best I can.


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Well, Milk Ain't Much Better

Ok, here goes. This is a Harry Potter fic I wrote a while back.


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Ok, it's a lazy Sunday, I'm procrastinating on making lunch of all things, I think I'm still wearing make-up from Hally's party last night, the picture of Griefy hitting on that guy is burnt into my brain, I've hit a wall on writing for the Parent Trap fic over on the Pit, HPFF is a bastard that won't let me post Milk because it's less than 500 words and the plot of my novel has got me confusled majorly.

So, I'm going to do a few things. I'm going to put Milk up here, then I'll start throwing plot points at this wall and seeing what sticks. Hopefully that will remove the etching of Griefy. I'll try to write more on Trap and successfully avoid removing my make up. If my mother and father don't notice, I'll be able to get away without being forcefed lunch as well.

And I really hope that all of that will get freakin' Material Girl OUT OF MY HEAD.