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My Shiny Fiction Site!

I started a site for my original fiction mostly because I just wanted to get some out there. :D The site:


At the moment there is only one piece of flash fiction posted, but I'm going to clean up last year's NaNo and start posting that. (Which will hopefully motivate me to actually finish last year's NaNo too)

I figure I'll start uploading that after November, and I'll probably post any of my efforts to move my NaNo word count along in the form of unrelated/back story flash fic or shorts. (IE, sappy dates between Erin and Rhiannon, exposition about how the dragons work, etc, etc.)

Then there's the primary reason I started the site -- Mordran and Prior. I'm trying to get that series of shorts up and running, but this silly "education" business keeps getting in the way of my research into Egyptian mythology and I keep getting antsy about writing gods. And Millicent Mordran is very much not a typical eight/eleven (Can't decide main charrie's age how fantabulous), which makes it that much harder to characterise her. At least Peter's average.

I won't be posting fanfic there because I have LJ and FFnet for that, and I really just want a place for my original crap. However much of it I get around to posting.