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Identifying Dragons

There are Dragons all around us, many types of them. You can identify a Dragon through three basic traits – an unswerving passion, a fiery disposition and sheer determination to do anything they turn their hand to. When you see these traits, you have found a Dragon, and you can derive what type of Dragon a person is by identifying their particular passion. Listed here are a few of the more common Dragons.


Food Dragons for instance, can never be taught anything in the kitchen, as cooking is as natural to them as breathing, though they aren’t very good at cakes. Like all Dragons, they have an impeccable sense of timing.

 Music Dragons have the kind of elitist snobbery about their passion that elicits a burning desire within you to punch them, but this is overruled by your need to avoid their derision and gain their approval (an impossible task, I tell you). They can pick hole and find fault in the most diverse of music collections, yet their own make hardened snobs and wide-reaching connoisseurs whistle in envy, while us Plebes are left with “Uh… I think I’ve heard of them… they did that song, didn’t they? Yeah, that song.”

 Book Dragons, while tending to be more acerbic than Music and Food Dragons, are generally the most kindly – though if you interrupt their reading or damage their books, Pigfarts won’t be far away enough to escape their wrath. They have an enthusiasm that is infectious, and within minutes they can draw you into far off worlds and send you on treasure hunts. While reading, Book Dragons have a language of their own, consisting mainly of grunts, and they are often startled to find that most people do not combine reading with walking, eating, driving, studying and a variety of other activities.

 Game Dragons (of all types of games) are said to be the most fun-loving and diverse of the Dragons, but they lose all contact with the outside world once their game begins.

 You probably know a Dragon, through school, or work or maybe they go to the same library as you. They are particularly passionate about their area, and can (and will!) discuss it until the cows come home. (In case you hadn’t guessed, I am somewhat an Etymological Dragon.) Find them, identify their passion and discover a whole new landscape!